Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Science at Sylvan: The Best Questions Lead to Another

By SHWP Staff

In today’s world, we are so concerned with answers that we often forget the question that was asked. For what is an answer, but a base for another question? Science is all about pursuing questions, and here at Sylvan Heights we love to get you asking them. We ask questions every day, questions that make us better aviculturists, better ornithologists, and better scientists overall. Whether it's participating in one of our education programs, walking through the aviaries, or watching eggs hatch, our goal is to get you up close to birds. We hope that by engaging you, we can get you excited enough to start thinking about the science process.

Our newest addition is well underway, and it is our hope that it will bring your interaction to a higher level. The Landing Zone will be a massive, walk-in aviary with a weight-managed flock of small parrots and many other species of birds. Why are they weight managed you ask? Because you will be getting up close and personal with these birds by feeding them. Visitors will get a rare chance to spend time observing birds as they feed freely out of their hands. We hope this exhibit will excite you as much as it excites us! We look forward to opening it soon.

So come on out to Sylvan, get excited about science, start asking questions about the natural world, and see where that takes you!