Monday, April 27, 2009

New Projects

We’ve been very busy completing projects and starting new ones within the Waterfowl Park. Please plan a trip to the park to see what we're working on.

We added a new exhibit that houses Stella’s Lories, Rainbow Lories, Red-crested Wood Partridges and Sun Conures. The construction of the flamingo shelter was also completed and considerable progress has been made on the final touches to the Avian Winter Quarters.

Currently, we’re working on three new exhibits – two for swans and one for cranes. Construction on these enclosures will be ongoing for some time but, when completed, they will allow us to exhibit every species of swan, as well as an additional, spectacular species of crane.

We look forward to seeing you out at the Park soon and appreciate your comments about the progress that we are making on the grounds.

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