Saturday, March 30, 2013

Come Visit The Landing Zone!

Photo By Richard Menard Jr

We are so pleased to invite you to visit our newest exhibit, The Landing Zone. Our new interactive exhibit allows visitors like you to enter and feed the birds in a unique setting that allows one-on-one contact. At the entrance, you can purchase seed sticks or flamingo food then enter our walk-in aviary to feed a bird...or ten! But please watch your feet, as our Budgerigar Parakeets (also known as Budgies) have no fear and will easily land to explore the ground near your feet. Native to Australia, these little parakeets fly about the exhibit like colorful gems. In the wild, these birds are typically a brilliant green, but our captive-bred birds come in a beautiful variety of colors.

Other birds in our exhibit include Victoria Crowned Pigeons, Javan Pond Herons, Green-Winged Doves, Nicobar Pigeons, American Flamingos and more.

So grab your camera, your family and friends and meet us at The Landing Zone!

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