Sunday, August 2, 2009

Everyone's "Buzzing" Over the Grand Opening of Phase II

Today, Park staff breathed a huge sigh of relief after the grand opening of our "Phase II" expansion area. All of you can finally see for yourselves, the results of all the construction that has been going on for the last several months. In the northeast corner of the Park, the state’s first wheelchair accessible tree house is now complete. Stop by and get a bird’s eye view of our natural wetland area from our beautifully built tree house. Along the path there, keep your eyes peeled for native wildlife. Already today, visitors spotted a pair of bobwhite quail strolling through the forested undergrowth.

On the way to the tree house, you’ll find a building that not only houses our new restrooms, but also displays three new exhibits: native frogs, carnivorous plants and…BEES! If you’ve never seen a live beehive before, but have wondered what one looks like on the inside, you’ll love our new honey bee exhibit. Over 25,000 bees have settled into their new home and visitors can watch them busily building honeycomb and storing honey through a glass partition. You might even try your luck at finding the queen (hint: she has a tiny green dot on her back!)

More exhibits are planned for our newly expanded area, so come back often…you might be surprised at the new animals you find!

To view WNCT’s piece on the grand opening, you can visit the video section of our web site here.

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