Friday, January 22, 2010

Calling All Chefs!

Do you have the world's best chili recipe? Does your office, church or organization cook up a mean bowl of five-alarm chili? Then get a bowl (or 5 quarts!) ready for the hottest event this spring!

We are excited to announce our first "Chili Cook-off" fundraiser! On Saturday, March 13th, from 6 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., contestants will battle for first place as a judging panel comprised of members of the food industry vote for their favorite chili recipe. In addition to receiving $250, the first place winner will also have their name engraved on a new plaque at the park as the official "Chili Cook-off" winner for 2010.

Tickets to the event will be sold to the general public, who may also vote for their favorite chili. And a second "Taster’s Choice" award will be given. This winner will receive $100, plus free passes to the park.

Chili stations will be placed around the grounds, and a table with 3 chairs will be provided for each station. Each contestant will also receive 3 free tickets to the event. The amount of chili per entrant (not to exceed 5 gallons) will be determined by the number of entries and tickets sold to the public.

Complete guidelines and pre-registration forms are available at the park or by calling Jackie Jones at 826-5500 or by emailing

Tickets are available from members of FOSH (Friends of Sylvan Heights) at $15 each. They may also be purchased in the Park's gift shop.

But hurry and sign up today - the deadline for chili registration entry is March 1st.

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